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Domyślnie Cinesamples 90's Retro Trumpets KONTAKT

Cinesamples 90's Retro Trumpets KONTAKT

Cinesamples 90's Retro Trumpets KONTAKT

Cinesamples 90's Retro Trumpets KONTAKT | 1 Gb

90's Retro Trumpets is a faithful emulation of all things trumpet and all things recording from this magical time that crafted many of our childhoods. Thoroughly researched, this melody-making library resurrects the actual microphones and the forgotten trumpet techniques that gave these scores such unique color, tutti, and magnificence. Recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

It's shocking that the 90's are now considered a long time ago. Many titans of the session playing world of this period have retired. As they are replaced by their younger colleagues, certain principles of pedagogy and musicality have been retired as well. In the control room, while many of the central philosophies have remained the same, modern recording seems to have evolved to use cleaner, higher bandwith and less colored gear. It's now a slightly different sound, which some favor, some disdain, and most simply don't notice.

Last year, while recording something unrelated, the original pencil marked Jurassic Park session recall sheets popped up out of the filing cabinet for some nerdy ogling. Right there on this aging paper was the actual recipe used to record the orchestra for these landmark sessions. The vision was clear - replicate this sound. We went to great lengths to do this while always referencing the recall sheet and using the memories of some of the Sony Scoring crew who were actually there.


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