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Domyślnie Java: a COMPLETE tutorial from ZERO to JDBC

Java: a COMPLETE tutorial from ZERO to JDBC

Java: a COMPLETE tutorial from ZERO to JDBC
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x800 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 20h 3m | 9.82 GB | Language: English

Java is one of the most prominent programming languages today due its power and versatility.
Our concept at LearningWhilePracticing is to guide you to be operational right away. We help you uncover new skills through practice, instead of going over a boring class where you would not be grasping the concepts. Practices makes perfect!

In this course, you will be guided by Oracle certified Java expert Mr Lawrence Decamora, from start to finish.


This Java tutorial is made up of 14 sections:

Section 0: Setting up your Java Development Kit

Downloading, Installing and Configuring your JDK

Windows OS

Mac OS

Setting up your IDE



Section 1: Your First Java Cup

How to write your first Java Program --> HelloWorld.java

How to save, compile and run your first Java Program

How to debug a compilation error

The Parts of your Java Program


the main method

the System.out.println() method

the (+) operator

the '\n' and '\t' characters

Commonly encountered errors:

Misspelled public class name vs misspelled filename

Misspelled keywords and method names

Incorrect location of your file or your present working directory.

Section 2: Difference between a Class and an Object

How to create an object


instance variables

instance methods

How to use / test an object.

Encapsulation (Data Hiding)

Java API Documentation

The import Statement

Section 3: Introducing the use of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)




Creating our first Netbeans Project

Comments in Java

single line comments

multi line comments

java doc comments

The Semi-colon;

The { } blocks


The import Statement

The package Statement

Java Data Types

Reference Data Types (To be discussed in Section 5)

Primitive Data Types









The Scanner object.

The nextXxx() methods

Section 4: Operators and Control Structures



Increment / Decrement (++ / --)

Mathematical (*, /, %, +, -)

Relational (<, <=, >, >=, ==, !=)

Logical Operators (&, |, ^)

Short-Circuit Operators (&&, ||)

Ternary Operators (? :)

Assignment and Short-Hand Operators

Control Structures




do while

for loop

nested loops

break and continue statements

labeled break and labeled continue statements

Section 5: The Reference Data Types

Primitive Data Types vs Reference Data Type

User Defined Classes --> Reference Data Types

Assigning References to Variables

Pass by Value and Local Variable Scopes

The this Reference

Section 6: Arrays and Strings

Array Creation and Initialization

Array Limits (.length)

The Enhanced for loop

Copying Arrays

Command-Line Arguments

The parse Methods

Array of Arrays (Two-dimensional Arrays)

Non-Rectangular Arrays

String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder

Section 7: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance: Classes, Superclasses, and Subclasses

Single Inheritance

The "is-a" relationship

Java Access Modifiers

Method Overriding

Rules in Overriding a Method

The super keyword


Virtual Method Invocation and Heterogeneous Array

Polymorphic Arguments

The instanceof operator

Casting of Objects

Overloading Methods

Rules for Method Overloading

Inheritance and Constructors

Overloading Constructors

The Object class (equals(), hashCode() and toString() methods)

The static keyword

How do we access / call a static variable or a static method?

The Math and System Classes

The static imports

Section 8: Other Class Features

The Wrapper Classes

The final keyword

The enum keyword

The abstract keyword

Java Interfaces

The Interface default methods

The Interface static methods

The Functional Interface and the Lambda (->) Operator

Section 9: Exceptions and Assertions

The Exception and The Error class

Why do we need to have Exception Handling?

Sample Exceptions

Java's Approach, the Call Stack Mechanism

The five keywords used for Exception handling or Exception declaration

General Syntax of an exception - handling block

The try - catch block

The finally block

The Exception Hierarchy in Java

Multiple Exceptions in a catch Block

The parameterized try block

The Handle-or-Declare rule

The throws keyword

Rules on Overriding Methods and Exceptions

Creating your own Exception objects

Assertion Checks

Section 10: IO and FileIO

How to accept inputs using:

The Scanner Class

The BufferedReader and InputStreamReader Classes

How to format an output.

The File class.

How to read and write inputs from and to a File.

Section 11: The Collection and Generics Framework

The Collection Interface

The Set Interface

The List Interface

The Map Interface

The Iterator Interface

The Generics Framework

Creating your own Set of Collection objects

Sorting your Collection

Section 12: Building a GUI Based Desktop Application

The AWT package

Components, Containers, and Layout Managers.

Using selected layout managers to achieve desired GUI layout.

Add components to a containers

Demonstrate how complex layout manager and nested layout managers works.

Define what events, event sources, and event handlers are.

Event handling techniques

Write code to handle events that occur in a GUI

Describe the five (5) ways on how to implement event handling technique.

Converting the AWT code to a Swing application

Packaging a JAR file for application deployment

Section 13: Introduction to JDBC

- Introduction to Database Concepts

- How to Create your first DB Schema

- Basic SQL Statements





- What is JDBC?

- The Statement Interface

- The PreparedStatement Interface

Each section contains its ressources files found in the Class Project (codes and notes used by the instructor).

Whether you're a complete beginner or already got knowledge in Java, this course is for you! Happy Coding!


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Java: a COMPLETE tutorial from ZERO to JDBC

Treść widoczna tylko dla użytkowników forum SdCv.pl Zaloguj się lub załóż darmowe konto na forum aby uzyskać dostęp bez limitów.

Treść widoczna tylko dla użytkowników forum SdCv.pl Zaloguj się lub załóż darmowe konto na forum aby uzyskać dostęp bez limitów.
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